Biggest Interior Design Mistakes Revealed!

New research has revealed some of the biggest interior design mistakes made over the years . Read on to learn what ideas you should steer well clear of!

Getting the right look and feel at home can be a very tricky job if you’re not a qualified interior designer. If you’re not very careful, you could end up wasting a lot of money on interior design ideas that have no
staying power… fast forward a few months and you might find that you regret a lot of what you splashed the cash on.

This is why it’s such a good idea to do as much research as you can into different looks, styles, materials and so on, so you can work out what you like… and what you want to avoid like the plague.

New research from Samsung, carried out as a PR exercise to help launch the brands new QLED TV, has revealed some of the biggest interior design faux pas over the years – which could well show you just what you need to steer well clear of in your own home.

Interestingly, the 1970s emerged as the worst decade for home décor (which is interesting when you think back over the last few months and notice that the 70s have been huge news for interior design). Of those
asked, 38 per cent named the 70s as the worst decade thanks to the likes of flying duck wall art and avocado-coloured bathrooms, the Daily Mail reports.

The 80s were similarly disparaged, with 22 per cent choosing it as the worst decade – with pink bathrooms and furry toilet seat covers described as awful. And some 19 per cent plumped for the 60s, blaming clashing colour schemes, lace doilies and psychedelic patterns for this. 

Other terrible home décor decisions that copped a bit of flack were animal print, beaded curtains, bidets, shag pile carpets, carpeted walls, TV cupboards, wicker furniture, round beds, and bars in the living room.

Commenting on the findings, president of the British Institute of Interior Design Daniel Hopwood was quoted by the news source as saying: “I have lived through the 70s, 80s and 90s and seen interior design
trends come and go and it's fascinating how our tastes have evolved over time. Toilet rugs, rag rolled walls and TV cupboards should all be consigned to the dodgy décor history books.”

If you want to keep costs down while ensuring that your London kitchen specialists give you the best kitchen you could possibly have, it might be wise to prioritise timeless design ideas so you don’t have to
change them again in a few months.

Going for style rather than trends is a good move, so where colours are concerned avoiding anything bold and bright is clever. Stick to a neutral colour palette and then inject some splashes of colour with small
accent pieces and accessories.

Also think about the materials you’re going to use. Natural ones won’t age, so opt for wool, silk, stone, oak and granite, avoiding the likes of steel and plastic. You won’t have to compromise on functionality either, since natural materials are made to last.

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