How To Get Creative With Your Powder Room

The downstairs guest bathroom of a house is a space you can use to get really creative for a few reasons,. Take a look at our blog to and get inspired!

Whatever you call your downstairs guest bathroom, you can have a lot of fun with your bathroom fitters to create something truly memorable in your London home.

This is a space you can use to get really creative for a few reasons. Firstly, it's not the space you need to use to relax, so throw that peaceful spa-like bathroom idea out the window for this space. It's usually a small space, so going a little bit wild with your décor won't take over the entire feel of your home. Also, when you have guests, it makes for a lovely little surprise when they pop to the bathroom.

Go wild with wallpaper
There's a myth that wallpaper is no good for a bathroom – and while if you want to use it in a space where there's a lot of steam and condensation, you should take steps to seal the wallpaper – in somewhere like a powder room, there's no real reason not to use it. These rooms will take less traffic than your main bathroom anyway, so your wallpaper is sure to survive until the next time you want to decorate. Using bold, big pattern can be really effective in a small space, and it's sure to give your room a boutique feel, reminiscent of the trendiest hotel lobbies.

We love: Graham and Brown wallpapers

Dark hues
Whenever you have a small room, the first instinct is to go light with the wall colours to help it feel light and bright, however, this can actually make your room feel smaller and dingier. Go dark in your small space and you'll lean into the look, giving it a dramatic impact which is much better than going light and ending up with a dreary space.

We love: Farrow & Ball Railings

Mirror, mirror
While you'll want the biggest mirror you can get your hands on for your main bathroom, in the guest bathroom, it won't be used as often, so go for a statement frame which will really make an impact. A bog, bold gold frame will look great against a dark painted wall for boutique flair.

We love: Round Gold Quill Mirror

Light it up
Bathroom lighting can be a little boring, but as we're not so worried about IP ratings in a powder room, because of a lack of steam and condensation, you can be a bit more free in your choices. Go for something dramatic, yet compact, such as a design which you can put a squirrel cage lightbulb in for a low-cost, high-impact effect.

We love: Metal wire cage pendant lamp

Create a gallery
Artwork isn't something you usually think about for a bathroom, but it can add a real burst of colour and character to a space. This can be achieved on a low budget by looking online at print retailers, who deliver by post framed or unframed, and have a whole world of different designs and prints to choose from.

We love: Desenio

Splash on storage
Though it's a small room, always make room for some hidden storage. This will help you hide away all those bits and pieces needed in a powder room, so that it looks clear and unfussy when guests walk into it.

We love: A Place For Everything

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