Top Considerations When Redesigning Your Bathroom

If you're looking to redesign your bathroom, then here are some of things you should consider to create an incredible space that's beautiful & practical!

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, but often it’s treated as a functional space and any sense of interior design is left at the door.

But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way, and that with a little thought and some help from bathroom specialists in London you can have an incredible bathroom that’s beautiful as well as practical.

A recent article for Better Homes and Gardens highlighted some of the main things you should consider when you’re redesigning your bathroom and they’re a great starting point for thinking about more interesting designs. 

Top of the list is lighting, with the publication noting that the bathroom is one area where lighting design should get the most thought.

Making sure you have ambient light as well as task lighting is important - and the latest area for an overhaul in this respect is the vanity space. According to the news provider, hanging a pendant light over the vanity area is one new trend to watch in bathroom style. 

Colour is also sneaking back into our bathrooms, and while a white, clean look will never fall out of favour, there are some ways to mix it up and make this room a bit more vibrant. 

The shade you choose is up to you, but the publication notes that using tiles is a good way to add some colour and personality to your space. Depending on the tiles you opt for, you can also introduce some texture here too. 

The vanity space is where you can add a bit more personality to your bathroom too, with everything from the shape and size of the mirror, to the countertop material and size and even the type of basin you install allowing you to put your stamp on this area of the room.  

An article for The Spec earlier this month also picked out some key bathroom design trends to watch, noting that even in this part of the home technology is making itself felt. One area where people are
increasingly going high-tech is with smart toilets. 

The news provider noted that they have all kinds of features, with Dan DiClerico, a smart-home strategist and home expert for HomeAdvisor in the US, explaining just what smart toilets are capable of.

“Smart toilets have features to minimise maintenance with self-cleaning features, including one that mists the bowl before and after each use to cut cleaning time in half,” he revealed.  

Voice-controlled technology, particularly for lighting around mirrors, mood lighting and even music, is also becoming more popular in the bathroom. It adds to this idea that this is a space that should
be a sanctuary where you can relax, as well as a room for practicalities. 

In terms of design elements, free-standing baths (for those who have space) and mixed materials are both growing in popularity, the website noted. Tiles were mentioned here too as an excellent way to bring
in new textures to a bathroom, as well as a way in which to mix materials in a seamless final design. 

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