Why Organisation Is Key In The Kitchen

A recent survey found that 95% of homeowners said that when their home is organised, they feel their life is more organised. 

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and that means you may spend a considerable amount of your time there. With more and more families using the kitchen as a space for cooking,

eating and simply gathering, it’s understandable that it can get a little cluttered.

Over in the US, one firm asked homeowners about how organised their kitchens were, and whether this made a difference to their overall stress levels.

The vast majority (81 per cent) of those questioned by MasterBrand Cabinets revealed that they can’t relax if their kitchen is a mess. What’s more, 95 per cent of respondents said that when their home is organised, they feel their life is more organised. 

If you’re planning to renovate this area of your home and are in the process of finding kitchen fitters in Epsom, you may want to think carefully about how to organise your kitchen, regardless of its size.

Aside from ensuring that your space always looks clean and tidy, having an organised kitchen also means you’re more likely to prepare and cook meals, according to 64 per cent of those who answered the

It could also make you more sociable, with 36 per cent of respondents stating that they’d feel happier to host social gatherings at their home if their kitchen was tidier and better organised.  

Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at the company, offered a top tip to anyone who’s in the process of planning a kitchen revamp. “The number one regret we hear, without a doubt, is
not including enough organisational options,” she stated.

The survey also explored the main issues surrounding disorganised kitchens. One of the top problems that was reported was countertop clutter, with appliances such as stand-up mixers among the
things that sit out on the counter and make it feel messy.

These and other large appliances were also named as the most difficult items to store by 39 per cent of respondents.  

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why 65 per cent of homeowners want a built-in microwave, as opposed to one that’s freestanding.

It appears that kitchen organisation is also a very personal thing, with 58 per cent of those questioned stating that “every item has to be in its proper space”. When you’re redesigning your kitchen, it’s
worth thinking about what bulky items you have to store and getting a bit creative about where to keep them.

For anyone with a small kitchen, it may be sensible to consider what you can store elsewhere in your home. A recent article for The Daily Courier suggested that things like cookery book collections might be best stored elsewhere if you’re short on space.

If you are lacking cupboard space, you can use attractive containers - like mason jars - to store foods like rice, lentils, pasta and other dried goods in view. Open shelves or even a line of jars along
the back of your countertop can look stylish and free up some much-needed cupboard space for pots, pans and other utensils.

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